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Fosfofagia are collective actions based on light ingestion. The consumed substance travels around the body keeping its brightness, and remains inscribed with the trailing information once it is expelled from the body.

Fosfofagia is a telescopic project composed by a series of ten actions that adapt to the place where they are performed. So far five fosfofagia have been completed: Fosfofagia 00 (Santander) / Fosfofagia 01 (London) / Fosfofagia 02 (Barcelona) / Fosfofagia 03 (New Delhi) / Fosfofagia 04 (Bogotá).

In this case, food becomes a technology that functions as the channel of an experience. Fluorescent proteins from jellyfish, luminescent particles and edible structures turn into intermediary devices capable of creating its own temporary order. The situation generates an unusual social amalgam under the laws of a new ecosystem governed by collective hysteria. Food is just the strategy chosen by its desecrating potential and its capacity to inscribe organic surfaces.

Each action is recorded in a chronicle book. It documents what has happened on each action. On them, the writer becomes a biological recording camera that has accompanied and influx the entire process.

“ The assesment of the historic events proves the inclination towards fiction. The difficulties shown by the historical technique to establish precision bolsters the fictional narrative. Or even better a mythical method instead of a narrative one, as it is needed to live again what cannot be specified or accurate”.