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alfonso borragán, multidisciplinary artist. He studied his BA at Fine Arts Faculty, Barcelona and holds an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Arts, London. Lives and works in London.

His work can be interpreted as the development and tracking of an irreproducible experience. As an artist, he claims images that don’t exist, latent graphias that are instants of an experience that cannot be completely revealed. He works with intangible experiences; the emptiness of vision; the measure of incommensurables; paradoxes that are found in the inversion of popular and scientific beliefs; potential instants able to generate a vague momentum, the critical instance in which the generation of images is strengthened within an infinity of sensorial events.

His work attempts to provide a vehicle for an experience. He creates situations and devices that are born to be consumed and that seek to change in some way the perception of reality, to broaden or interfere in it. Such devices are developed on a symbiotic level, intrinsically connected to man, by a correspondence that is activated through him and disappears with him. His works are consumed with the experience, which equally dilates each piece with the other.

He has carried out and shared his projects in Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, USA, Colombia or India. His last projects have been exhibit at the old Born Market, Barcelona (litofagos: ærolito) at Gilverto Alzate Foundation, Bogotá (Fosfofagia 04); Cervantes Institute, New York (Documentation of 19 days living in a cave); Slade School of Fine Arts, London (æther); or Khoj, India (Fosfofagia 03);

Furthermore he has taught and delivered workshops and Lectures at Slade School of Fine Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, London College of Communication, Swansea Metropolitan, Plymouth University, La Colegiatura Colombiana, Cantabria University, Barcelona University, Institute of advance Architecture of Catalonia (Iaac), and at Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (iefc).