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Fosfofagia 00 · 2011

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DeMolden Video Project, Santander 2011.

Commissioned by DeMolden Video Project.
Supported by De Molden, el Cenador de Amos and Sattler the High Tex Company.

A project in collaboration with Jesús Sánchez, José Manuel de Dios, Carlos García, Ivan Mena, Felix Garma y Victor Lorenzo.


A feast, a ceremony, an intriguing space that progress at the palpitation pace of a revealed ground. A banquet of blind senses explores the impulse of the pavement under your feet. By means of the rhythmic inhalation and exhalation of its open core, it conducts with one voice the entire feast of confusing sensations.

The group is called beyond contemplation, is incited to creation and action.

The ritual of altered perception and continual experimentation progresses alongside the unveiled surface. A surface that is incidentally found when lifting the current gallery pavement. This accidental encounter activates a revival process of the enclosed and latent floor.

Imagine a celebration where the dinner guests could re-write the space interruptedly by leaving a temporary light imprint that disappears to give space to new light imprints. Marks generated through the absorption of energy, accumulated to be emitted afterwards in form of radiation slow and constant pace.

Tantamount to the palimpsest is a manuscript from which we maintain on the same surface the prints of a prior writing, deleted to give place to the existing one. The gallery is the surface in where the participants write on it, site that is overwritten itself, modifying with each beating of the space that ephemeral print.

The floor and the space become an evasive photogram of palimpsest footprints. They overlap one to another. They disappear to appear again, and then they are discovered to fade eventually. The celebration becomes an imprint from the participants, a trackless creation of prints.

Perception and sensations, which were educated through past experiences, are constantly dilated and contracted during this process of transformation. They are taken to the limit in order to generate new perceptions, born from new sensations. These new perceptions modify and disarrange the pre-established and expected relation with our context.

The intensity of these new relations will lead to new realities that will be embraced in the participants

We won’t be able to foresee the results, even when our rational thinking will try to. Therefore the participants should bring out the unconsciousness. Let’s let the entropy conquer the group that night. Let’s allow the unpredictability and randomness define the new synaesthesic states made out of mixed up sensations to enjoy the sound tasting and glint eating.

The piece is consumed and when it finishes, it is stored in the memory by disturbed organs. It just leaves as a proof the mere bodies of what was happening that night.