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Watereye · 2012

Collective action based on a floating spherical camera obscura. It is a blind and mobile space, a device that can only be activated through its use. The sphere receives only one person each time. Each use becomes an action.

Inside, the inverted reality overlaps with the instability of the mechanism. A small pinhole is the only connection with the exterior. Through this pinhole the world is projected doubly inverted on the inner surface of the chamber. Furthermore, this projection is the only medium to direct the sphere that is moved by the balance which is inside. While the body of the occupant tries to move on the water surface by rolling the sphere, the pinhole also moves. Within this movement, the camera becomes submarine and terrestrial, and above all, a space of great disorientation that intensifies a sharp change of reality perception.

alfonsoborragan_watereye poster
Watereye. Collective Action. Poster. 70×46 cm. Regents Canal 2012.