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æthēr: The O2 apparatus · 2015

The O2 apparatus is an action in collaboration with Blanca Pujals that takes place during a lecture about the æthēr oxygen machine. The machine is presented and connected during the lecture. It has the ability to generate an excess of oxygen in the room.

It has been presented at the International Conference 4S/EASST (Barcelona, 2016. Voice: Franc Camps-Febrer), Slade School of Fine Arts (London, 2016. Voice: Lea Collet), Kingston University Conference ‘Critical Spaces Disorienting the Topological’ (London, 2016. Voice: Laura Emsley).

[vimeo id=”125453099″]

alfonso borragán & Blanca Pujals. æthēr: The O2 apparatus. Lecture. Kingston University, London. 2015.