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Dither. Space in Between. London. (Action)

Dither was a dinner and performance in collaboration with Sarah Bayliss. It took place as part of Bayliss’ exhibition The Dithering at Space In Between. It was carried out across the road at Hatch Café on the 25th of May 2017.

With a focus on the physical, the dinner performs another layer [of the larger exhibition] of fiction using repetition as a device through which to further explore entanglement and uncertainty.

The Dithering, the project by Sarah Bayliss, contemplated uncertainty or inaction as a resistant source of potential – as a possible locus for creativity and imagination; as a means of disorganising the world as we know it; as insurrection: change. It is also contemplated as the immaterial, cowardly or lazy inaction of one who cannot – or will not – change. The work draws upon this multiplicity of meaning and the accumulation of options, towards an illusive moment of clarity.