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meta play
(meta) play
meta (play)
meta | play
“meta play”
meta, play
a workshop by alfonso borragán and Manuel Angel Macias.

We propose a workshop that takes play and playing as its conditions; a workshop that thinks of playing as a metalanguage.

Playing is often thought of as an irrational activity; instead of taking this assumption for granted, we want to test out how it operates as a technology’ that is able to create both a specific and an absolute order for its participants. We advance an invitation to think through the conjunctions that contain these concepts and the conceptions that contain these conjunctions.



This workshop is advanced as an experiment on playing, first and foremost playing with words. And playing with words also means playing with the word play.As a game: understood as a setup in which we will collectively generate the performative conditions of playing. Performative, since general proposal is that the workshop consists of its own making—the rules, changes, modules, limits and impossibilities will be negotiated and talked through in the event itself. In one sense this is how we can speak of a meta play. Here we will be playing and planning a rehearsal, trying out how to play a game-on-the-go. On a different level, the workshop will also a try out the idea of a play. It might be that this proposition compels us to generate a script to be played’—so that the game becomes the writing and the performance, both at the same time.





Condition:The goal (challenge) of the workshop is to discuss and generate the conditions for the workshop to perform itself. 

Rule. There will be an item in the room: a tape recorder that will document the cyclic iterations.

Rule #3: Three times. Moving, destroying, repeating, manipulating the topics. This action is the creation of a script, the script in which we will be moving all the time.