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The Shape of Memory. Fundación Botín. (Workshop)

The Shape of Memory was a series of workshops, presentations and an 8-day walk that dealt with issues related to memory as part of the Seed Journey project, carried out by Future Farmers. It took place between the 15 – 22 of May 2017 as part of The Shape of Memory call at the Botín Foundation.

The Shape of Memory took place in the form of an open laboratory over the course of six days culminating in a walk from the Botin Foundation to INLAND Village near Cangas de Onis. This walk was led by Ignacio Chapela’s research and moved slowly over the course of several days sharing the knowledge gained during previous workshops, and gathering new knowledge along the way.

Seed Journey moves people, ideas and seeds through time and space. This voyage—its crew and cargo—were agents that link the commons as they relate to local networks and a more global complex of seed savers and stewards of the land, air and water. A rotating crew of artists, anthropologists, biologists, bakers, activists, sailors and farmers join the journey and share their findings at host institutions along the route from small harbors to large ports from barns to museums (contemporary art, natural and maritime history) to social centers.